A basic edit is done on all final images; however, I believe editing should be minimal and only enhance a good quality base image.  Colour enhancement, sharpening and light skin touch up (blemishes, smoothing) is included in the basic edit, but please specify if you have a scar, mole, or area of your body that you would like be to give extra attention to as they are a permanent part of the person and will not be removed unless specified. Please note that I DO NOT edit tan lines or burn marks from sun exposure, they are very complicated and not included in my regular editing workflow. Please be mindful of this when choosing what to wear or when tanning leading up to a session.  Some skin conditions that require extra attention can sometimes be considered at an additional cost, please inquire ahead of time if you have concerns. It’s important for clients to be well-groomed before their session to eliminate distractions and unattractive oopsies in the photos (lint, dry skin patches, food on face, nose boogies, clothing stains, messy hair, food in teeth, etc).

Please feel free to contact me regarding any particular editing requests before your session, or let me know at the beginning of the session so that we may also use angles and lighting to minimize visibility of those areas you may be concerned about. Although I do some editing for creativity I like to try and capture the natural beauty of my subjects and surroundings without a lot of over editing that I believe takes away from a person’s natural beauty so I edit with purpose and with consideration of the person, the type of shoot, the mood and many other factors.

The copyright clearly states that clients are NOT to alter or change the photographs in any way. If this clause is unclear and needs further explanation please feel free to ask and I’d be happy to discuss it with you. Up until this point I have been comfortable to offer digital images with my packages as my clients have respected this clause, but if that changes in the future I will have to reconsider this as other photographers have, so that I may protect the integrity of my work. I ask that all clients respect this so it does not negatively impact my other clients and how I do business in the future.

The editing I do is part of my style, my professional eye, and based on education about working with proper editing software to enhance a photograph without distorting it or downgrading the quality of the original shot. I find mediocre editing and “filter” sites unacceptable for professional work and I do not want my name on anything related. I think it’s great that people have access to such software to play with and enjoy for their own photographs but I feel that if they are hiring a trained photographer like myself to preserve their memories they are doing so with the intention of enjoying their work as it is. Editing professional photos is like taking a writers published work and changing the words or painting over an artist’s canvas… please make sure that my work is appealing to you and suits your style and needs before hiring me and if you have a particular editing request, feel free to discus it with me ahead of time to see if I can accommodate.

COPYRIGHT: Each photo package comes with a digital download with print release that allows you to print as many photos as you like, for yourself, friends or family. However, the images are protected by Copyright Law, so they may not be altered, sold or published by anyone other than myself. When I release the images to my clients, I do so with a limited copyright release which allows them to share the watermarked version of the images online, with credit given to Andrea Nicole Photography.

Each photo package comes with a digital download and print release that allows you to print as many photos as you like, anywhere you like, for yourself, friends or family. However, the images are protected by Copyright Law, so they may not be altered, sold or published by anyone other than myself.

When taking your photos to be printed, it is highly recommended that you take them to a professional photo finishing lab to ensure that you get quality prints and as a courtesy, I ask my clients to print at my own establishment to ensure my work is represented with optimum quality.

I am happy to recommend suitable establishments to use. I cannot guarantee the quality of the print results when printing is done outside of my printing establishment, which is London Drugs in Grande Prairie, AB. It should be understood that results will vary from one establishment to another.

Absolutely! Feel free to tag or share from my page, or upload and post THE WATERMARKED WEB VERSIONS ONLY, and please do not crop or alter them.

Packages allow for photo add-ons or other products for an additional fee. However, it is not possible to subtract time, photos or prints from a package in order to receive a discount. If you have a specific request in mind that would involve changing or customizing a package so that it would work better for you, this can be considered on an individual basis, but I cannot make any guarantees that changes can or will be made.

You will receive FULLY EDITED images from the session (chosen by photographer) that are uploaded into a private, password protected online download gallery (available for 7 days). It is highly recommended that you back up these images right away after downloading! If you wish to purchase a USB flashdrive of your images, I have them available for $15. If you have any requests regarding, scars, birthmarks etc to be removed please let me know ahead of time as these will not be done automatically, because they are a permanent part of that person’s body and not everyone wants them removed or masked.

Original, unedited images will NOT be released and all edits will be done at the photographers artistic discretion and using her own unique style. Some selected images will be included in black and white if deemed artistically appropriate. Gallery expires after 7 days and a $20 fee will be charged to re-upload.

The average turnaround time for getting your gallery finished is 4 weeks (and no more than 60 days in special circumstances). Total time is largely dependent on the package you ordered, how many photos are included, time of year, and how much editing is involved.
Please be mindful of finishing time when booking your session, and remember to book early if you require photos back by a certain time. Sessions will be completed in the order in which they were booked. If you wish to pay extra to have your photos done earlier than the estimated timeline, this may be arranged.

Absolutely! Having been on the other end of the lens, I know how hard it is to wait a month to see the results from your session, and as the photographer  I am always so excited to get home after a session and download, sort, and pick through the images. There is often one that sticks out or that I think the client would like to see, so when time permits and I am able, I will post a “sneak peek” on my Facebook page, usually within a couple weeks of the session. I do not email sneak peeks, sorry!

The best time to have maternity photos done is whenever you are comfortable and feeling good about yourself. Its important to consider your level of physical comfort and mobility, as well as your level of comfort and confidence with your body. This is going to vary from person to person, and even from one pregnancy to another, so there is no set time that works best for everyone.

Some say the bigger the belly, the better! and they are very comfortable having their photos taken late in the pregnancy (34 weeks and on) while others start to lose that glowing feeling earlier on and should probably consider having them done earlier.

If stretch marks, mobility, and comfort are an issue, I would suggest having photos taken between months 7-8 (depending on the size of the belly), but if a person has a smaller belly and wants to wait awhile longer, that’s OK too! Basically, it all comes down to feeling good about yourself and wanting to show off that beautiful belly!

Being a photographer doesn’t mean that you buy an expensive camera, click a few shots behind the lens and call it a day. Those of us who are lucky enough to be able to support ourselves as full or part-time photographers are also often small business owners, which also comes with the job of doing all of our own marketing, sales, accounting, managing our offices and studios, being our own webmasters, doing our own post production, designing, blogging, being students, being mentors, researching etc. And if we are not able to do it all ourselves, then we are tasked with hiring an expert to do so for us, therefore increasing overhead costs.

So, “What is the cost of time and the price of talent, education and experience in one’s field?” As a prospective client, you may equate the price of the package to the numbers of hours spent at the session or the number of images you’ll receive on your disk. While this does play a factor in price, it is not everything that the cost is based on. Below is a quick breakdown of how much time is spent on each individual session; time which many clients are unaware of initially…

Time Breakdown:

  • Session time: Lets start with the actual time a session takes to complete, depending on the type of session this can be anywhere from 30mins to 2 hrs.
  • Prepping for session on location or in studio: (1-2 hrs) Includes checking and double checking all gear, cleaning lenses, making sure batteries are charged, memory cards are formatted, and spares are available of each. Changing backdrops, cleaning studio, washing linens, setting up furniture, setting up lighting, scouting locations and time spent driving to and from location, etc.
  • Post Processing: (2-5 hours) Includes uploading time from camera to computer and backing up the original images, creating an online viewing gallery, editing time, prep time to get images ready for burning your disk, website viewing, and collage and/or greeting creation.
  • Additional Tasks: (1-2 hours) Includes phone calls, e-mails, booking process, and any additional time needed to ensure things are all organized leading up to and after a session. Completing and picking up online orders, burning disks and/or ordering prints, packaging, driving time to and from various locations to do so, etc.
  • Costs: In addition to the time spent on each individual session, there are other costs and time involved in running a business that should be considered as well. It is very expensive to run a photography business with the necessary equipment, receive ongoing training to keep up with the latest techniques and ways to improve my skills, business licenses, insurance, marketing, package inclusions and other office supplies, stocking a variety of backdrops and props, etc… and at the end of the day it is a business and I need to be able to gain a profit from to support my family.

So in addition to the time spent actually photographing your special memories and milestones, each of my clients receives many more hours of time and care behind the scenes for time, add to that the photographer’s out of pocket expenses per session and business expenses overall. If you hired an electrician, painter, plumber or any other tradesperson at an average hourly wage of $60 per hour (probably more in many cases) for that same amount of time it would cost between $300 – $600 and that is without cost of supplies or materials.

I love what I do, I love my clients, and I try my best to keep the cost to you as low as possible while still being able to support my family and cover the cost of running the business. I love and appreciate my clients that understand this and I seek to educate and help those that don’t understand or see this perspective.


Model Release & Permissions

By signing the contract, Client hereby agrees that Photographer may reproduce, publish, exhibit, and otherwise use images from the Event for instructional or marketing purposes, display, or publication without without payment of additional compensation to Client or Client’s agents. This includes requests for “sneak peeks” between the session date and date of delivery. Client’s guests at the Event shall be deemed to have consented to the use of images by Client or Photographer for the duration of the Event, and Client shall indemnify and defend Photographer from and against any claims that any of Client’s guests may assert against Photographer arising from, or related to, the use of any name, image, or likeness of Client’s guests by Photographer. Boudoir sessions are the exception to this rule, due to the private nature of that genre.

Opt Out

IF Client does not wish to agree to the model release terms, a request must be made at booking to have an addendum added to the contract stating that Client has opted out of the model release agreement and Photographer understands and makes this exception. It is also understood that Photographer reserves the right to decline any bookings that do not agree to the model release terms, at his/her discretion.

Booking, Retainers & Payment

There is a $100 non-refundable retainer for all sessions, required at the time of booking (mini session retainers may vary). This can be paid by cash, or email money transfer. If there are additional services for certain types of sessions added to your session that require a retainer, this will be added and also non-refundable (smash cake, hair and makeup artist, venue rental, etc). This retainer will reserve your spot and can be applied to the session. However, if you miss or cancel the session the retainer will NOT be returned and there will be another $100 retainer required if you want to take another open session (see re-schedule policy below for more info). The remainder of the session fee will be due at the time of session and can be paid by cash, or through email money transfer within 24 hrs of session. Post-processing will NOT begin until all package fees have been paid. Please note that Andrea Nicole Photography does NOT take personal checks or credit cards.

Taken directly from contract Event Changes, Re-Scheduling & Cancellation

Upon acceptance of these terms and payment of the retainer, Photographer shall commit to attending the Event at the specified date and time, and shall make no other reservations for that same time/date. If Client cancels the Event entirely, Photographer shall be entitled to 100% of the retainer. Photographer shall charge a new retainer if Event is cancelled (i.e. not rescheduled for a later date) by Client.

If Client needs to reschedule and 48hrs or more notice is given, then Photographer shall make commercially reasonable attempts to rebook the Event ONE time within 90 days of previously scheduled Event, and in accordance with Photographer availability. Time changes will be subject to photographer availability and rescheduling may not be possible, therefore retainer remains non-refundable. If notice is NOT given in the period specified above, then Photographer shall be entitled to 100% of the retainer to compensate for income loss and time already spent preparing for the Event. The Client will then be required to pay a new retainer to reserve a new date and time.

Outdoor events during the months of November – April will NOT be rescheduled due to unfavourable weather, regardless of advance notice, as a studio backup will be available for use during the unpredictable months of the northern climate. Due to the changes of the weather and the willingness of the subjects, it may not be possible to capture all of the images requested by the Client. Although every effort will be made to comply with The Client’s requirements, the Photographer does not undertake to guarantee any specific picture nor incorporate any specific background, location or group arrangement.

Special Scheduled Events (ie. mini session and marathon) CANNOT be re-scheduled as they are only offered on that specific date and time. If Client cancels their reservation for a special event with 48hrs or more notice, Photographer will be entitled to 50% of the retainer as an administration fee associated with advertising and filling the opening, and will grant Client a credit for the remainder of the retainer, which must be used within 90 days of the scheduled event. If Client cancels with 48hrs or less notice, Photographer will be entitled to 100% of retainer for income loss, time already spent preparing for the session, and possible liquidated damages.


In the event that you have paid a retainer or any other funds for a service that the Photographer can no longer provide, you are entitled to a full refund of all funds paid. Clients who have paid a retainer to reserve a date for a photo shoot and have chosen not to keep that date for any reason, are NOT entitled to a deposit refund.

There are a variety of factors that go into making a photo shoot successful, including those that are not within the control of the photographer. I will do my best to see that your session goes as smoothly as possible, but I cannot place an unconditional guarantee on customer satisfaction. For this reason, it is important to make sure you have seen my work and like my style of photography, and that you communicate any specific ideas or requests you have in mind before the photo shoot so that we can determine whether or not it can be done.

There may be times where things don’t go according to plan (props or backdrops become unavailable, weather does not cooperate, family member does not cooperate, equipment malfunctions, etc.). If I suspect or discover that any factors such as these have impacted the success of your photo shoot, I will contact you prior to finishing the photos to discuss alternatives.

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