Contact me for a detailed price guide Portrait pricing starts at $295

To ensure my clients receive the personal attention they deserve, I book a limited number of sessions per week/month. It is highly advisable to book or inquire about your session several months in advance as it is not uncommon for me to be full 4-6 months in advance, particularly during peak season (May-November).

All images are chosen by photographer and hand edited. They will be delivered to the client via digital download. USB flashdrives with high resolution images can be purchased for a $15 upgrade. Online galleries are available for 15 days, after this time frame there will be a $20 fee to re-upload a gallery.

Additional people can be added to SOME packages for an additional fee.

At the photographer’s artistic discretion, black and white versions of some final image choices may be included on the disk at no extra charge.

Travel charges will apply for locations outside of Grande Prairie.

Occasionally, I also offer mini sessions throughout the year at a discounted rate for those particular days. Keep tabs on events through Facebook, Instagram and in the “featured” sessions at the top of the pricing page.

All clients must sign a booking contract and pay a $100 retainer to secure a date and time for their session. It goes towards the total cost of your session but is non-refundable if the session is cancelled or missed. Please visit the FAQ page to review booking process and other policies BEFORE booking. Sessions that require a venue rental, cake or special prop rental will require the rental cost to be added as part of the retainer and paid upfront.

When you hire a professional photographer, you are investing in a level of expertise and talent that will ensure your memories or your business are captured with quality in mind, and done correctly the first time. Some events such as maternity sessions, grads or child milestones are very time sensitive and the last thing anyone wants is to be unhappy with the end result and not be able to get that time back. Good, successful, professional photographers are so much more than a “clicker of a button on a good camera” or a creative eye; photography is a multi-faceted business and there are a lot of factors to consider. So what do I bring to my clients…?


I have been a photographer since 2007 and have spent many hours over these years learning and refining my skills as an artist through workshops, courses and countless hours of practice. As a mother of six with a background in teaching and psychology, I have a lot of invaluable experience working with babies, children and people in general. Safety and comfort are my top priority and I will never attempt poses that are unsafe, unnatural or uncomfortable (physically or emotionally). I firmly believe that flexibility and adapting the vision is a must, for the artist and the client.


I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and this reflects in my session packaging, the equipment I use, the way I run my business, and how I conduct my sessions. I want only the best for my clients and I am always very considerate of the multiple factors that come into play to make a session successful: angles, lighting, timing, who I am working with, client mood, type of session, time of day, skin tone, environment, weather… I could go on!


I am a fully accredited member of the PPOC association (Professional Photographers of Canada) and I have received accreditation in the areas of maternity, child and baby photography. Professionalism and organization have always been important to be as an artist and a business owner: during communication, during the session and behind the scenes. I pride myself on offering the total experience for clients, start to finish and I truly believe this is why my return client base is so large and keeps me booked up so far in advance!

  • Andrea, once again I am in love with the pictures! Each session we have had you always go way beyond my expectations. Seriously, I hope you know how much you are appreciated! I love these so much! The picture of me hugging Emily brought tears to my eyes. That is the little smirk she gets after she says something incredibly sweet, and it means the world to me that you captured that smile and that moment. I love the fact that I know I will now never forget that smile, because you froze that moment for us. I am proud to display your photos in my home!I also really appreciate your professionalism, and your punctuality with providing sneak peaks, proofing gallery, and the final product. Your passion for your business really does shine through!
  • Andrea, you made me feel so confident that day and I now I feel empowered and more beautiful than ever! I cannot wait to see my husband’s reaction!I’ll definitely be booking another session soon. Thank you so much!
  • Andrea did my first boudoir photo session. I was so nervous! I am a bigger girl so I knew that my photos would not look like the girls in Victoria Secret, I was sure I was out of my mind! Andrea assured me that my husband loves me the way I am and would love the photos. During the session Andrea was amazing, she made me feel like a Victoria Secret model! I felt so comfortable, beautiful, sexy, and empowered. That night I had a sneak peek of my session and I was hooked... I asked Andrea to sign me up for another boudoir session and a family session 10 months down the road! She is so good I even have my daughter’s grad photo session booked over a year in advance, I highly recommend her!
  • We will absolutely need to buy them all... You have done it again! Its Magic. You make me laugh, you make me cry and I really needed both this morning. THANK YOU!!!
  • Andrea, every time we get our pictures with you, I amA) blown away at how great and photogenic we look and B) how you get great shots when the dog is running one way and the four year old is pouting and running the other way! You are fabulous, thank you!
  • OMG Andrea! This is absolutely gorgeous. Every time you take our photos you always blow me away. You are an amazing photographer, you always get the perfect shot! Thank you so much for capturing my life in your photos. I am never disappointed!
  • Andrea did an amazing job and the wait is so beyond worth it. Andrea is so patient and kind, Emmett was having no part of the first session so we attempted another one and she did amazing work getting great shots of our baby. We highly recommend Andrea Nicole Photography if anyone is wanting a photo shoot message her page for details. We had our Maternity photos with Andrea too and they turned out amazing, she made me feel so beautiful and posed us nicely so I didn't look like a whale, even though that's how I felt at 33 weeks pregnant.
  • I seriously, absolutely LOVE Emily's 9 month pictures. Chris and I just looked through them, and I actually had tears in my eyes from looking at them... And then my husband and daughter started laughing at me for crying!
  • Andrea, I got my pictures yesterday. And they are absolutely breath taking. I cannot believe how wonderful you captured my family. I was so nervous that because of 4 kids under 4, we would have no success. Your sense of humour, natural and positive attitude really captured my family. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos!
  • The pictures Andrea takes of our kids are always amazing. She consistently produces pictures with authentic emotion and we always know she'll produce amazing pictures from each session. Our daughter frequently asks, 'When are we going to see Andrea again?'.When the experience is so positive for a 4 year old, you know you have a great photographer!
  • Andrea, no wonder you're booked for the rest of the year! Your photos are amazing! Watching the gallery makes me cry, thank you so much!
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